Welcome to my website!

 My web site is created for readers to see and read about my book of spiritual things and expose the works of Satan that still walks the earth today. To inform readers of religious and spiritual writings from me as an Author, others books I am writing and have written. To share scripture with others in hope the world sees and understand that God still sends someone to speak things in the spirit that manifest itself into the earth realm. The battle is with powers and principalities  being allowed to speak into the spirit realm where God listens and councils decide on words that serve the will and word of God through his will for all mankind on this planet. Hopeful people will draw closer to his will of thinking as we live our daily lives as I write, speak and chat with you about being anointed by the Father of all mankind himself through Yahshau (Christ Jesus) who all things go through unto the Father.

The web site will tell of and when speaking engagements occur and dates, also where the speaking engagements will occur, what cities and country's.Additional books that are coming out for reading, time and dates when they will be released by my Publisher Holy Fire Publishing. Holy Fire Publisher is a Christian publisher that is given me a chance to share my spiritual knowledge through my books by publishing my books. I hope you enjoy my web site and God Bless You all in Gods' name and the name of his son Yahshau  (Christ Jesus) Amen.