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Donald Lee Scarborough/ International Published Author

Associates Degree In Theology/ Bishop Hardy's School Of Theology. Continuing Education In Theology for Masters and P.H.D becoming a Theologian.

The pursuit of writing books concerning spiritual warfare, Gods word concerning the behavior and knowledge of the churches of today. Bring light into the dark realm of this nation pertaining to powers and principalities that govern our lives.

Exposing Satan and the evil that exist in our Realm of life, also things that walk among us that are not of us. Bringing to the forefront the substance of darkness that exist, both in Earth, Hell and who controls all things, who all things answer to.

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 New Book release coming in 2015 in early November; ( Defeating Evil My Final Testimony)

The final Testimony is the second part of my Testimony in which gives pointed accounts of spiritual battles with Satan, church Pastors that serve the will of Satan and speaking to men of power from the spirit to them. Actual account and bearing witness to the Lake of fire and the results of Judas that deceived Jesus from hanging on the tree. Knowing where Satan dwells, and what nation he controls from the spirit Realm.